Sunday, May 15, 2011

Now that's dedication!

It's not uncommon for some fans to become obsessed with movies or actors. Some place posters all through their room. Some watch movies over and over again. Some even buy ridiculous amounts of merchandise. But I found an article through IMDb that shows how obsession can take a person over the top.

With Pirates of the Caribbean 4 coming to theaters with Friday, many people are getting ready for the next installment of the series. I admit, I'll probably be watching the first three just to remember what happened before, as I have not seen them before. However, my preparations pale next to these fans', who have tattooed pictures of POTC characters on their body parts. Many of the tattoos are very well done, but it still baffles me why a person would want a large colorful pictures of a squid-man on his back. Or anywhere for that matter.

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If ye be lovin' Johnny Depp so much, ye might as well place his effigy somewhere on your body where you can barely see him. Of course, every guy who ever meets you will see nothin' but Johnny's handsome mug.This be a great way to announce to all future male suitors that they'd better be great at playing second fiddle.

We think this vertical composition uses enough rich colors and vivid imagery of both Davy Jones and the Caribbean to grab the eye and never let go! If one absolutely needs a drawing of a squid man on one's self, this be the route... as long as this landlubber keeps shaving his back every fortnight.

It is just us or... does that Keira Knightley tattoo be sprouting hair that's really, really blonde, for some reason? And also looks nothing like Keira Knightley?

Nothing at a job interview declares "This guy's a winner!" like a squid man's face covering your entire hand.
This is a tattoo built for success, just as long as you wont be interacting with any live people -- ever -- because they will rightly fear the rage issues you are most certainly coping with.

Avast ye, movie lovers! This landlubber just got his sea legs -- well, leg. If ye decide to be a walking commercial for a movie franchise, this be the way to go.

There are quite a few more pictures, and interesting tattoos. If you want to see more crazy fans, check out Enjoy!

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