Saturday, May 28, 2011

Way to shake it, Hines!

It's official! When I last posted about my one of my favorite shows, Dancing with the Stars, the finals were set to happen the following day.  Well, that day has come and gone, and for those of you bums who neglected to tune in, Hines Ward shimmied his way to the top!  As a Steelers fan, I have to say I'm happy for Hines, and he did deserve it.  He was one of the best dancers all season.  On the other hand, I am disappointed; I was hoping Chelsea Kane would come out on top.  I am surprised however--I thought the competition would come down to Chelsea and Hines, but I was wrong.  Kirstie Alley managed to snag second place in the overall competition.  Kirstie was a good dancer, but I don't believe she deserved second.  At the same time, kudos to her! The famed "Fat Actress" was up in weight again at the beginning of the show, and it was her goal to she some pounds, which she certainly did.  The couples each had to perform a dance the already did before in the show, and Kirstie and her partner Makism Chmerkovskiy chose to perform the first dance they did this season.  The show played a clip of the couple's first dance and then the couple went ahead and did it again, and the difference in Kirstie's appearance was incredible!  She looked fantastic.  Going back to the topic at hand, I'm happy for Hines.  The judges said he has been one of the best football players to grace their stage, and I have no trouble believing this.  Congratulations, Hines!

Neville all grown up?

Matthew Lewis Talks Deathly Hallows Part 2In the beginning, Neville Longbottom was not a crucial part of the Harry Potter stories.  In fact, in the first story, he was nothing more than the little chunky wizard who could barely do any magic, who was afraid of nearly every teacher, and who could never seem to keep a hold of Trevor the toad.  As time at Hogwarts passed by, Neville slowly became more important--he became a loyal follower of Harry and even helped fight off Death Eaters at the Ministry.  Well, Neville, as well as actor Matthew Lewis who portrays him, is all grown up.  In a recent interview with, Lewis talks about his role in the last Potter film, which happens to be a pretty important one. Warning! If you haven't read the last book, there may be some spoilers!

EmpireOnline: Neville started off rather timid and nervous, but he ends up very different, wouldn't you say?
Matthew Lewis: Absolutely. It was sort of method acting really. If you look at some of those early films when I'm looking terrified in front of Alan Rickman or whatever, it's probably because I am! But when it got to the last film, Deathly Hallows, I could just have a chat with Alan, so it sort of evolved the same way as the character, I suppose.

EO: The final one was like a sixteen-month shoot or something, wasn't it?
ML: It took a long time. I did my first scene in February 2009 and I finished somewhere in the middle of 2010.

EO: How was David Yates on his fourth Potter film in a row?
ML: David came in and he just made it as fun as possible. It got us going, got us wanting to work. By Deathly Hallows everyone took it more seriously as being a job and we just had to work a lot harder.

EO: At this point, you guys must know your characters so it makes sense to just go for it.
Yeah, absolutely. We'll have a chat before we start. David will say, "This is what I want to get from it, this is what I'm trying to convey." But usually, we knew the characters so well that it was relatively easy to get into that character straightaway and give a natural first couple of takes, rather than a tired tenth take.

EO: We didn't really see Neville much in Part 1. But Part 2 is, judging by the books, his finest hour.
I felt quite lucky to have been in Part One, to be honest, because the character's not actually in the book until the end. But, you know, David said he wanted to stick him in just to remind people what was going on back at school. And it was just nice to have been in, because it means I was in all eight films even if it was only for one line!

EO: Hey, that still counts!
Exactly! But Part Two is where all the good stuff is and it's been definitely massive to shoot. As an actor, you always want to feel like what you're doing is making a difference to the story. So to have this character to play in Part Two was just brilliant. All the stuff that was in the book was kept in there, pretty much. David [Yates] is such a fan of the stories anyway: he's always been so keen to keep it as close as possible, which hasn't been an easy task for him over the years. But with two films it meant that we could keep it closer than we have been able to before. And so most of the stuff for Neville in the book is in there and also a couple of added things.

EO: What sort of thing has been added?
Just stuff where you see what the students are getting up to while they're in this war. The book's focused very heavily on Harry Potter. But the film keeps coming back to the students and the teachers and what's going on. And the whole war is very real. It is really life and death. I won't give too much away, but the whole thing for me was just so much fun because there was so much in. There was a bit of light humour at the beginning; a bit of, sort of, French Resistance stuff. But then the war kicks off and there's action to do and there's a lot of drama as well because there are people dying around us, and Neville's in charge of these people who are dying. I just got to do so much different stuff. It was great.

EO: You've said before in interviews that Neville's seen carrying a dead body.
Yeah, that's right. I mean, because Neville is the leader he's determined to act like one so he's always on the frontlines. I think he feels responsible for every student that dies because he knows that he's the one putting them out there. But it was a challenge. I really hope they keep it in because it really shows Neville at his best. There's all this fun stuff where Neville's very adrenalised and on autopilot. But that bit brings him back down to Earth for a minute. And I really hope they keep it in.

EO: Did you get to do the 19 Years Later epilogue? Neville's mentioned in the books but he doesn't appear.
Yeah, that's right. I think there was mention of him being a teacher back at Hogwarts but I didn't have to appear. My Nineteen Years Later is still a surprise to me.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Au Revoir, Oprah!

Today marks the the bittersweet ending of an era in television--after 25 years of production, Oprah is calling it quits.  Her final show, which was taped yesterday in her normal studio, aired today, Wednesday, May 25.  I personally do not watch Oprah, but I have seen the show, as my mother used to watch it.  I'm usually not home when the show is on, but like I said, I have seen it.  Even for me, the ending of the show was a bit sad, and I didn't even watch it.  It's been on for 25 years, which is longer than I've been alive.  It marks a change, something I've never been very comfortable with.  It's strange to think that it's over; Oprah has changed so many lives, and her TV show has aided her in doing so.  I really don't believe she's going to stop her charity work, but one of her biggest tools is now gone.

She was surrounded by friends, family, and fans as she said good-bye today.  Memories were shared, tears were shed, and hugs were given as the end of an era went underway.  But Oprah said it best herself: "This is not goodbye.  This is until we meet again."  She still has some great plans up her sleeve.  That is something I will never doubt.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dancing with the Stars finale this week!

It's finally time.  It take all season long to weed out the bad ones, and we've finally come to the one night the whole season leads up to: the finals! This Monday night at 8:00 EST, for only one hour, Hines Ward, Chelsea Kane, and Kirstie Alley will break out the sequins and the spray tans, and shake their butts off for the famed mirror ball trophy.  This night will be a great one for dancing, and I can't wait!  I love this show, and I wait all season long for the finals, just to see the crazy awesome free-styles.  Each couple has to come up with a free-style dance to show their ability, and nothing is out-of-bounds.  This is the time to pull out all the stops and add as many flips, jumps, turns, leaps, and whatever else as they possibly can.  Many times, the free-style determines the winner of the show, so it is crucial that each couple does not hold back.  It's going to a be great, as the last three dancers are all really great.  I am disappointed that Romeo didn't make it to the finals though; I think he deserved it over Kirstie.  I really don't think she's going to win, either.  Hines an Chelsea, the front-runners of the whole season, are both phenomenal dancers.  I personally hope Chelsea wins.  I just love her, and I know she's worked extremely hard all season.  That's not to say that Hines hasn't, and if he would win, he definitely deserves it too, but I just really like Chelsea.  But what will be, will be.  And I know one thing for sure: I can't wait until next season!

Apparently X doesn't mark the spot...

As I'm sure you are aware of by now, I'm ready to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Well, apparently, the rest of the world isn't as ready to watch the swash-buckling adventure as I am.  The movie, which hit theaters last Friday at 12:00 AM, didn't bring in as much as the previous movies in the series.  Don't get me wrong, it still did pretty well; according to, it grossed $35 million, which beat out Fast Five's $34.4 million Friday debut. Compared to the other POTC releases, though... let's just say there wasn't as much booty in the chest as we had hoped.  When the last movie, At World's End, was released, it brought in $42.9 million on its opening day back in May 2007.  Before that, Dead Man's Chest brought in a whopping $55.8 million on its opening day in July 2006.  As you can see, On Stranger Tides pales in comparison.  Curse of the Black Pearl was in a lower league as well, but that's understandable; it started the franchise.  That movie was the start of it all--it started the pirate hype. And with ticket price inflation, those grosses would be even higher today.  So, as both a Johnny Depp and Pirates fan, I'm a little disappointed.  I really don't know why the movie wasn't as popular.  Did people see it and tell their friends not to go?  Is the hype just dying down?  Whatever it is, I don't intend to just forget about it. I plan to see it because I still think it looks like a good movie.  And so should you.  I've learned not to take what other people say too seriously.  Some of my favorite movies were those that got really awful ratings and opinions.  But then again, sometimes people are right (ahem, Killers anyone?).  If a movie looks good to me, I'm going to watch it and form my own opinion. So, whatever you decide to do, make sure it's your decision, influenced by your own opinions.  Enjoy!

Cars 2 is underway!

So, I love little kid movies.  I love little kid stuff in general.  Everything from movies, books, and sometimes even TV shows (a little Spongebob here and there is always good for a little chuckle). I was raised on Disney, so it should come as no surprise that I still, to this day, love anything and everything Disney.  Disney movies overrun my house, I've been to Disney World three times, I have coloring books, regular books, I used to wear Disney clothes, I've seen Broadway shows... it's kind of like Harry Potter, but it dates back a little further.  Anyway, Disney movies are always high priority on my to-see list, and this summer, that is no exception.  Although I have yet to see Pirates 4, which premiered this past Friday (and I am HIGHLY UPSET that no one has yet taken me to see it!!!!), it's still at the top of my list, and Cars 2 is right there with it.  The next installment in the story of a race car and his new found friends is set to debut on June 24, 2011, and I am pretty darn excited!  Honestly, I don't think it looks as good as the original, but then again, when are sequels ever as good?  Putting my bias aside, I do think it looks as though it could be a good movie.  From what I have seen, it seems to be getting a LOT of negative feed back.  Yes, it doesn't look as good as the first, but people are really  over-analyzing this movie.  For crying out loud, people, it is a kids movie!  There is no reason for the plot to be long a complicated--the point is that little kids can understand it and have a good time!  Until I see it, I won't make any judgements.  Why don't you form your own opinion?  Check out the trailer and see what you think.  And if you'd like to read the opinions I was talking about, check out  Enjoy!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just a heads up

The HP countdown is officially down to 61 days. Just FYI. :D

Now that's dedication!

It's not uncommon for some fans to become obsessed with movies or actors. Some place posters all through their room. Some watch movies over and over again. Some even buy ridiculous amounts of merchandise. But I found an article through IMDb that shows how obsession can take a person over the top.

With Pirates of the Caribbean 4 coming to theaters with Friday, many people are getting ready for the next installment of the series. I admit, I'll probably be watching the first three just to remember what happened before, as I have not seen them before. However, my preparations pale next to these fans', who have tattooed pictures of POTC characters on their body parts. Many of the tattoos are very well done, but it still baffles me why a person would want a large colorful pictures of a squid-man on his back. Or anywhere for that matter.

*Photo comments from

If ye be lovin' Johnny Depp so much, ye might as well place his effigy somewhere on your body where you can barely see him. Of course, every guy who ever meets you will see nothin' but Johnny's handsome mug.This be a great way to announce to all future male suitors that they'd better be great at playing second fiddle.

We think this vertical composition uses enough rich colors and vivid imagery of both Davy Jones and the Caribbean to grab the eye and never let go! If one absolutely needs a drawing of a squid man on one's self, this be the route... as long as this landlubber keeps shaving his back every fortnight.

It is just us or... does that Keira Knightley tattoo be sprouting hair that's really, really blonde, for some reason? And also looks nothing like Keira Knightley?

Nothing at a job interview declares "This guy's a winner!" like a squid man's face covering your entire hand.
This is a tattoo built for success, just as long as you wont be interacting with any live people -- ever -- because they will rightly fear the rage issues you are most certainly coping with.

Avast ye, movie lovers! This landlubber just got his sea legs -- well, leg. If ye decide to be a walking commercial for a movie franchise, this be the way to go.

There are quite a few more pictures, and interesting tattoos. If you want to see more crazy fans, check out Enjoy!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Did you kiss your mother?

Did you figure out the movie? No? Did you at least hug your mother?

The picture was from the movie Stepmom, with Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts. The story follows a mother (Sarandon), who is dying of cancer, while she teaches her ex-husband's wife (Roberts) how to care for her child so they have a good mother once she passes. So next time you fight with your mom, just remember that you are blessed to have one, because many aren't even that fortunate.  So did you guess correctly? Hopefully you found the right answer. But if not, there's always next time. Either way, check this movie out. It's been a while since I've see it, but it is a goodie, even if it is sad. Ah well, it is what it is. Enjoy!

It's almost that time of the year again

After working hard all year, you've finally made it-- it's time to relax on the beach. But you decide to cool off and take a dip in the ocean. Before you know it, you go out a little too far. Your toes don't reach the ocean floor again, but it's no big deal; you've been father out before. All of a sudden, you feel something skim your leg. It feels rough and as though it belongs to something large. Your heart flutters, but you don't move. It happens again. You slowly start to swim back. Then you see it: a huge grey fin starts to protrude from the water. You swim faster and faster, but it seems in vain. A gigantic head with thousands of sharp, carnivorous teeth comes out of the water and-- ROOOOOAAAAARRRRRR!

 Okay, so maybe you've never experienced a shark attack, but in a couple months you can get the next best things. Shark week is on its way! Starting Sunday July 31, the Discovery Channel will start th 24th edition of its celebration of the ocean's fiercest predators. This will include everything from watching men brave shark infested waters, a special on Great Whites and their close encounters with humans, the journey of sharks, and covers all kinds of shark attacks, which no Shark Week would be complete without.

I've never watched shark week, but I always hear about it, ever year, without fail. This year, I'm kind of excited-- I want to watch some, just to see if the hype is true. So to get you in the mood, why not watch the fiercest Great White of them all? Jaws is another movie on my summer to-see list. It's one of my favorite rides at Universal Studios, so I figure I should see the movie, even if the 80's effects (and the shark) are pretty lame.