Sunday, April 24, 2011

Way to go, Rio!

Don't you just love little kid movies? No? It's just me? Don't lie to yourself. No matter how old we get, there is still a part of us deep down that loves to be a little kid again, and what better way to keep in touch with your inner kid than to watch movies meant for a younger generation. If you saw my last post, you would have noticed that Rio is kicking some butt in the box office. Both Happy Family and Water for Elephants have fallen short of the animated film. Now, I have to admit, Water looks like a good film, and, although I've never seen any, I know Madea films always go over well. I'm not going to lie, I love that a kid's movie took the top spot. I honestly can't say why I enjoy this fact so much. I think it stems from the fact that the society we live in now-a-days is so serious; I always hear about the falling economy, and the troops not being paid enough, and the government is screwing up again... Where is all the good news?! People need to laugh and be happy again instead of constantly worrying. I feel as though a light-hearted animated movie taking the top spot means that people are trying to enjoy themselves. Then again, I could be dead wrong-- maybe the movie is just well done and kids are dragging their parents to see it over and over. Either way, this movie has already grossed $286 million, and it has only been out for three weeks. Jesse Eisenburg (who stars in the film) was also in The Social Network, which only grossed $225 million over it's entire run. So, kudos for you, Rio: obviously you're a pretty good movie to gross so much money in so little time.

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