Friday, April 1, 2011

Feature of the Week: Men in Black

The good guys dress in black, remember that. I don't think you'll ever have to worry about running into one of these guys in real life, but they sure make a good movie. That's right, this week, we're talking about the Men in Black, another one of my favorites. This is one of those movies I could watch over and over again and not get tired of it. The sequel is also pretty excellent, but I'm a sucker for the original. There's just something about men in black suits fighting a giant bug that gets me every time.

This movie shows what happens why a NYPD cop gets recruited for the most elite defense groups out there: the Men in Black, a group who takes out "the worst scum of the universe." When Agent J (Will Smith) teams up with Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), the team is unstoppable... well, almost. Let me rephrase-- unstoppable after J gets some training. J's first day on the job seems to be pretty normal. At least, as normal as things can be when you work with aliens. Then, the earth gets an unexpected surprise-- a giant bug has come to the Earth, and he will stop at nothing to get his hands on a galaxy protected by a prince from another planet. The Men in Black are stuck in the middle, doing all they can to stop the two worlds from colliding, while pulling their own world out of the middle.

Love love love this movie. And I absolutely cannot wait until May 2012 when Men in Black III comes out! This movie was actually turned into a ride at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. You get to experience what it's like to be a agent for yourself. The ride takes you through the alien-filled streets of NYC, and you only have your wits and your trusty cricket gun to get you through! It's super fun, and I almost always win when we go; however, I know the secret; press the red button like in the movie, and you get 100,000 bonus points. So next time you go and play, you can thank me for the tip.

Check it out. If you're a sci-fi kind of guy, you'll enjoy it.

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