Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yeah, we met the actors. No biggie.

I neglected to mention in my last post that after the show, as we were crowded around the stage door, two of the actors (who were super cute and incredibly nice) just happened to walk out. Russell Fischer (Joe Peschi) and Ryan Jesse (Bob Gaudio) walked out and gave us autographs and pictures. It was amazing; they were so friendly and willing to interact with us. Russell even chatted with me and my mom for a bit about the show. I met another actress this way before, but it was much more complicated; we planned to be outside the stage door at a specific time just to meet her there. This time, the stage door just happened to be right beside the main entrance and the actors just happened to walk out. The actor who played Frankie also walked out, but by that time we had to start walking back to the bus. I was highly disappointed. Overall, the day was fantastic. I cannot wait to go back to New York (which I am doing in July!) Here's a look at my day.

This is Russell (:


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