Monday, February 14, 2011

Feature of the Week: Castle

She's armed. He's dangerous. 

What a fantastic line. Never heard it before? Then you, my friend, need to turn your tv to ABC at 10 PM EST every Monday night and pay close attention. Why you ask? The answer is simple. Richard Castle and Kate Beckett have some crime solving to do and they need an audience. 

Let me give you some background. Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is a best-selling mystery writer with all kinds of connections. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) is a homicide detective who's only goal in life is to keep the scum of NYC off the streets. Castle lives a life of luxury with his daughter and later his mother (who moves back to his house) while Beckett eats Chinese take-out on an almost daily basis.  See the connection yet? Good, because I haven't given it away yet.  At the very start of the series, a murder is committed and staged to look like a scene from one of Castle's novels.  Beckett enlists his help and he proves rather helpful, even though he also proves he's rather good at "pulling her pigtails." This shindig was supposed to be a one-time deal. Or so Beckett thought.  Castle uses his famous-guy connections with the mayor to tail Beckett for "material for his next book," a novel with a main character based on Beckett. (Both books he wrote in the show are actually in print. Heat Wave and Naked Heat.  Excellent books.  READ THEM!!!!) As time goes on, the romantic connection between them is so obvious, but of course nothing has yet to happen.

This show is fantastic!  It has a CSI-type edge to it, but with more humor and quite a few more feel good moments.  But don't get me wrong; Castle is notorious for two-parters that leave you on the edge of your seat for a whole week.  The show has been signed for a fourth season due out later in the year (it's still in the third).  In my personal opinion, having a gorgeous lead actor has helped out the show quite a bit. (Nathan Fillion = sexiness.)  After all, Castle himself says it best- "I really am ruggedly handsome, aren't I?" Yes Nathan, you sure are.

So what are you waiting for!? You have approximately an hour an a half to tune in. Get going!

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