Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sayounara, Charlie Sheen

The TV sitcom Two and a Half Men has done incredibly well throughout its (almost) eight seasons. However, the success the show has known is about to come to an end. As I'm sure you've heard by now, one of the show's stars has gone off the deep end. Unless you live under a rock, you know I'm talking about Charlie Sheen.   Towards the end of February, Warner Bros. put a halt on production of Men, even though the season is not finished yet. Sheen, who insists he is clean and sober, was soon to follow on the list of Warner Bros. cuts. On March 7, the announced the actor's cut, which took effect immediately. So what does that mean for Men and the rest of the cast? As for right now, they are out of luck; the rest of the episodes set for this season have no chance of happening. However, CBS has the show contracted for at least one more year. With no Charlie, it may be a little hard to make a come back. Rumors of replacements have gone around. Names like Jon Stamos and Rob Lowe have been particularly popular, but nothing is for sure. Replacing characters can be done, but it's not always an easy feat. Sure, some can be replaced and life goes on; for example, when Steve Carell leaves the office, his role will not be hard to fill (although, I must say, Steve Carell leaves some pretty big shoes to fill) because of the type of role he plays. He's surrounded by co-worker; however, the role of Charlie is more family oriented. It's not easy to replace a brother and an uncle. At this point, all that is known is that nothing is known for sure.

Sheen needs a wake-up call in my personal opinion. Polygamy, bad-mouthing, and "winning" are not exactly signs of a sound mind. I think his energy should be focused now on looking healthy again; lately his appearance has been a little gaunt, even though no drugs are involved. Supposedly. Looks like that tiger blood really isn't doing you any good, Charlie.

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